Telas K LED

The fitting is made of natural or synthetic fibres, while the mounting plate of the fitting is made of steel sheet painted in white. The structure of the fitting enables surface mounted installation as well as hung on the slings. The TELAS fitting is used for decorative illumination of big premises e.g. hotel lobbies or reception desks, conference rooms, providing general lighting in stores and commercial units as well as bigger interiors in private residential premises. The TELAS group of fittings are friendly for customers, as their structure enables the elimination of glaring effect. A big variety of finish materials results in a broad range of functions that can be performed by the TELAS fittings. Colors: Vanilla - 012, Black reticulation - 921, Scala Claret - 096. Accessories: dimmable electronic gear, emergency sets. Other RAL colours available on special request.

Usage example