Flying Surface LED

Flying Surface LED arises from the idea of creating light surfaces which give the sensation of floating in space. The end result is spectacular, Flying Surface LED provides a high degree of uniform light, a unique aspect to the lit area and allows visual light play with its pure forms. Luminary body made from steal sheet powder coated with thermostatic mixture of the synthetic solid resin, hardeners, and pigments what makes it UV radiation resistant. The outer finishing of the luminary is a layer of a white fabric which is based on PCV. Luminary equipped with the highly efficient LED sources of 6400lm or 27200lm, and the color temperature of 2700K or 4000K. Color rendering indicator is Ra>80. the fabric diffuser is placed in a steal frame, which is coated in white and covered with the white fabric. The frame is mounted to the luminary body by hidden brackets. Its mounting and dismantling performed without any extra tools. One of the most outstanding attributes of Flying Surface LED is the optical effect produced by a luminous surface floating in space. Mounting directly on walls or ceilings by special brackets. It is also possible to Mount the luminary on special suspensions which provide the smooth regulation of the luminary height. These are made from steel cables and are 1500mm long.

Usage example